145 & 167 Eagle Street record leasing year

Bramley Properties (the owner) of 145 & 167 Eagle Street has secured 21 new tenants in one single year 2015.

Leasing Agent Stuart Moody from K2 Private said:

This has to be a record for Brisbane CBD buildings. I have never witnessed such a take up of space with 21 new tenants to a building complex in one single year. This equates to almost 2 tenants per month. I can only put this down to, the quality of the services, the location and the flexibility of the private owner in negotiating deals. While some buildings have seen substantially vacant for over 2 years 145 & 167 Eagle Street still attract tenants of all shapes and sizes.” “Rents have been achieved are between $580 – $610 per m2. These rates appear quite cheap when compared to its Waterfront peers. Incentives remain in the early 30%’s”

Mr Moody said: “With our model K2 become the lead leasing agent and seek introductions from all external CBD agencies as well as our own enquiries. This way the owner can ensure all agencies get to participate and get the opportunity to earn leasing fees. This strategy ensures an owner gets mass-market coverage through all agencies tenant enquiry – not just 1 or 2 appointed agencies”. “Throughout the year we have been assisted by CBRE, JLL & Savills leasing teams. K2 itself completed 7 out of the 21 leases or 33%.”

The buildings were left with 10 vacant floors following the ATO vacating 145 & 167 Eagle Street.